(c) Yukie Arai

Yukie Arai

Born in Nagano, Japan

Living in Otsu, Shiga

1995 Graduated from Ceramics Course of Kyoto Seika University 
1996 Completed School of Ceramics Course of Kyoto Seika University 
1998 Completed Industrial Research Institute of Kyoto (Ceramics)
1999 Selected for the Kinki Exhibition of the Japan Traditional Art Crafts Exhibition (2001-23)
2005 Selected for the Japan Traditional Art Crafts Exhibition (2007, 09-15, 17-23)
2011 Participated in a Successor-Training Course on White Porcelains as Important Intangible Cultural Heritage (2012)
2014 Three-Potter Exhibition at Kyoto Takashimaya Art Gallery (2016, 19)

2017 Received the 28th Shumei Culture Foundation Award

2019 Received the award in the 48th Kinki Exhibition of the Japan Traditional Art Crafts Exhibition

Exhibition & Gallery

Gallery Nagai, Osaka (2002-13, 15, 17, 18)
Kyoto Takashimaya Arts and Crafts Salon (2002, 04, 06)
Nagano Tokyu Arts Gallery (2003, 08, 18)
Asahido Art Salon Kura, Kyoto (2007, 14)

Irohado Gallery Kinasa, Nagano (2019)

and more

Member of the Japan Kogei Association

Concerning the Works of Yukie Arai Standing Still as if They Responded to the Artist

Ceramics is entirely outside of my field. I have absolutely no idea how an artist decides what materials to use, or what to create. All I see is the finished products lined up at a gallery. The works of Yukie Arai are showcased as if they claimed to have nothing to do with any pain, effort or struggle in the production process. Her pieces are honest, innocent and sensitive but heart-warming and humorous at the same time. Only her integrity reflected in the beautiful ceramics stands still with a smile. That always shows me how elegant Yukie Arai is as a person and as an artist.

Tomoko MATSUMOTO / Copy Writer

Tomoko has been a close watcher of Yukie Arai, and has followed her exhibition since 2002. Tomoko and Yukie have been good friends as well for the last twenty years.

Celebrating Yukie's First Step to Go beyond the Borders

On a fall afternoon by the hill to Kiyomizu Temple in Kyoto, I stopped by a private exhibition of Yukie Arai. Among many foreign tourists at the gallery, there was a man glued to a flower vase, one of her representative works. This French executive of a US company who had visited many different countries said, "I've never seen anything like this". The jar with noble Althea design in gentle chalk drawing seemed to fascinate him. When he finally left the gallery reluctantly, I promised to let him know when the official website of Yukie Arai would be created. Now it is finally ready to open a window to her works for him, and for everyone else around the world.

Nohea SATO / Translator

Nohea has known Yukie only for a few years, but always shows up at her turning point by a curious coincidence.


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(c) Yukie Arai